pop bitch zine

Thaïs Lenkiewicz

Pop Bitch (Zine)



A short collection of anecdotes about encounters with celebrities’ dogs; from the banal to the frankly heroic (on the dog’s behalf). Some of these dogs are clutched tightly to their owners sides, some get loose, while some are many miles away from their owners who don’t know what their dogs get up to behind their backs.

It’s titled after the infamous celeb gossip email mag ‘Pop Bitch’, but of course mine is instead called ‘Pop Bitch’. The collection comes just from people in my immediate network and has stories about the dogs of people like Nick Cave, David Hockney, Buster Bloodvessel, and classic film star Vivien Leigh.

Created on Brushes Redux (the same app Hockney uses for his digital paintings), I print the zine on demand at home, and it includes a bonus page of cut-out bookmarks.

Message me on insta or email to grab one - £4 (£1 of which goes to Gables Cats and Dogs Home). Free postage within the UK.

Thank you to all the contributors: Vienna, Rachel, Ceri, David, Andrew, Karen, Dan, Kiwi, Ash, Anon, and Anon.